Leading Latin American University Fortifies Security for Institution and Students

One of the most prestigious universities in Latin America relies on Intel Security and its security incident and events management (SIEM) solution to provide widespread visibility and greater control, enable faster detection and response to security threats, and safeguard its own assets as well as those of its students.

Chief Information O cer Fernando Thompson de la Rosa is passionate about using technology to improve operations at Universidad de Las Américas (University of the Americas) , or UDLAP, in Puebla, Mexico. At the prestigious undergraduate university, he deals with IT operations on a daily basis— from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and learning management systems to a distance teaching portal and the Wi-Fi network. Of all his challenges, protecting the university from cyberthreats tops the list.

Challenge: Secure University Assets and Student Devices
Maintaining a secure environment in a university setting has become much more di cult in recent years. “Ten years ago, our main network was the LAN, and the only devices we had to protect belonged to the university,” explains

Thompson de la Rosa. “Today, the main network is Wi-Fi, and we have to enable access to thousands of devices—laptops, smartphones, and tablets, with numerous operating systems and versions—that don’t belong to us. If we only protect the 2,000 laptops owned by the university, we are going to fail.”

UDLAP has 8,000 undergraduate students, each with an average of 2.8 personal devices. That’s more than 22,000 devices among students alone. Approximately 40,000 devices connect to UDLAP networks daily.

“We have to protect the devices of millennials who don’t realize that they need to be protected in order to prevent them from putting the university and others at risk,” he explains.

“Consequently, educating our users is at the core of our security strategy—as is widespread visibility and early detection. We need to be able to see and understand what is going on across our networks and be able to respond as quickly as possible to threats.”

Intel Security SIEM: Lowest TCO and Highest ROI
Previously, UDLAP had implemented McAfee® Complete Endpoint Protection for Business for antivirus and antispyware protection, web ltering, host intrusion prevention, and disk, le, and folder encryption—all managed from the McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePOTM) central management console. As devices proliferated and the challenge of complying with data privacy regulations increased,

Thompson de la Rosa recognized the need to add an SIEM system to provide greater visibility and control across the university’s infrastructure, which includes a tier 3 data center, 10 networks, and 120 physical and virtual servers.

After evaluating solutions from several leading SIEM vendors, he and his team had an easy decision. “We chose the McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager because it helps us consume and process security information faster, so we can identify and respond to incidents in a very short period of time,” says Thompson de la Rosa. “It also cost less than some of the other SIEMs. The decision was a ‘no-brainer.’ Intel Security clearly o ered the lowest TCO and best return on investment. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is one of our best tools.”

UDLAP implemented McAfee Enterprise Security Manager to dramatically improve the university’s ability to protect, detect, and correct future cyberthreats. The university also implemented McAfee® Advanced Correlation Engine to identify and score threat events in real time, using both rules- and risk-based logic, and McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) for McAfee Enterprise Security Manager to deliver a constantly updated, rich feed of threat intelligence data.

Improves Security Posture and Enables Faster Incident Response

“We now review a huge amount of data in a very short amount of time,” notes Thompson de la Rosa. “With fast analysis from all the critical data sources, alerts are triggered sooner, and we can detect and respond to suspicious incidents faster.” In addition to endpoint data from McAfee ePO software and network tra c data from McAfee® Network Security Platform, the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager receives information from rewalls, a sandboxing appliance, Microsoft Active Directory, web gateways, databases, routers, and other systems. McAfee GTI also helps determine risk level and prioritization of incidents.“McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine is a magni cent tool. It provides a ton of intelligence about what is happening in our networks,” claims Thompson de la Rosa. “With this capability, we have been able to detect ransomware before it  locks up our systems.”

Granular, Centralized Reporting Facilitates Compliance

Thompson de la Rosa’s security administrators use reports from both McAfee ePO software and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager’s dashboard—standard, out-of-the-box reports, such as the Top 10 Infected Systems and Top 10 Detected Threats, as well as customized reports.

“If we need to drill down to a deep granular level to obtain detailed information on a speci c event, we can easily build a custom report on the y,” explains Thompson de la Rosa.

The McAfee Enterprise Security Manager’s reporting functionality also facilitates compliance. “Before McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, demonstrating compliance with privacy laws was extremely di cult and time- consuming, but now it is often simply a matter of printing out several reports,” he notes. “In addition, with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, we can conduct trend analysis and more easily detect irregular trends.”

Data Protection for the University and Its Students
UDLAP also uses the McAfee® Complete Data Protection—Advanced software suite to protect computers that have access to sensitive information. The university is currently in the process of using this solution to encrypt hard drives across university-owned laptops and PCs and is testing other forms of encryption. As for student devices, the university o ers all of its students McAfee® VirusScan® Student and McAfee® AntiSpyware Student free of charge.

An Extremely Supportive Partner and Ecosystem

“Partnering with Intel Security these past several years has dramatically improved our security posture,” says Thompson de la Rosa. “Intel Security has knowledgeable people who work

very closely with us and understand the speci c security needs of higher education. They have even helped us increase awareness of security best practices among our students—a task that is absolutely essential because the weakest part of the security defense for a university is its user population, not its technical infrastructure.”

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